Franchise Opportunities

Who We Are

The ‘Noblegen’ brand has been in the gases and cryogenic industries since 2007, manufacturing and selling gas and cryogenic equipment. Applications include laboratories, Research Centres, Food Packaging Companies, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Wine Producers, laser Cutting, Material Heat Treatment to name a few. With 100’s of gas and cryogenic systems in operation World-wide with distributors in most countries the brand has expanded every year since it’s formation.

Why Work With Us?

The ‘Noblegen Cryotherapy’ brand is the only complete system on the market to incorporate both the single person cryo-chamber and a liquid nitrogen production system to give all the equipment needed to run a Whole Body Cryotherapy facility. Where others need a regular source of liquid nitrogen we stand out as the TOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTION

Next Step

Contact us through either email on or telephone on +44 (0) 191 460 1177 and we will be happy to send you our starter franchise pack which goes into much more detail about the opportunities which the CryoTherapy offers you and your future.